Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Office space

My office has shifted to a new location. We have moved to Narangibaag lane, a laid back residential lane, tree lined on both sides. It is a soothing sight compared to the harshness of Nagar road.
The one rain that we have had so far, was a beautiful spectacle, with winds making the trees dance wildly. The many birds which reside in these tress make this quite an interesting place. Doves are in a plenty, and also Bulbuls, Parakeets and some others which I haven't been able to ID!

The office building is right in the middle of one of the most expensive residential blocks in the city.
A building coming up diagonally across the office will have one suite each floor, with its own swimming pool and jacuzi! You can only guess the price tag it would carry...
It took some time to adjust here, but since then its been good. Plenty of eating-out options nearby, which is a big plus point: there's KP and DP road, teo main streets with a few kms.

Thats it about the new office...