Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the next life?

Where would you like to take birth in the next life?

I would like to be born in some other country, probably in Europe

Don’t you love India? Have you no respect and liking for your motherland?

Look, I like this country, to a certain extent…its complicated. I definitely don’t see things around me that make me proud of India. What should I be proud of, the unity in diversity crap? There are more divisions in this country than cracks on a shattered window pane. The India shining propaganda is as old as the non existent shine.

So, if I’m worthy of another human life, if at all it is there, I see no harm in saying I would like to belong to a better society. This answer has everything to do with the way I have perceived the society around me, all that this mind has witnessed over all these years – it is not a liberal progressive right wing India bashing- it sounds like it, but it isn’t. We are doing well in many ways, but there are fundamental flaws that undermine ALL the progress. It is hard to overlook the blaring negatives and say that we are the superpower of the future. Mass of the populous of this country lives just to see the next day. Talk about India Shining to them and you are bound to get a blank face. They’ll just say they want better roads, electricity…atleast an honest government. We don’t care about the GDP. Give us a better way of life. That is where this country has failed all along and it is failing as we live out our days