Monday, April 21, 2008

The Letter Never Sent

Waiting for the letter, waiting for it desperately, cause everything later depends on that letter. You might as well call me a letterhead! And in this case, the later the better does not apply;it better be early as its quite late already. Even the Indian Postal Service would be quicker i guess. I have even started to hate that show - the late show with David Letterman - it has 'late' and 'letter' together.
Actually, it's not the letter thats late - well it is late - but someone hasn't sent it. So the sender is late in sending a letter that is waiting to be sent - like suspended in the space-time continuum, lying on the event horizon of a black hole that's present in the sender's mind and body which is not letting him/her send the poor letter (the after effects of "Universe in a nutshell" - Stephen Hawking).
Man I'm impatient about this letter! It's like waiting for the last few mega bites of your torrent, the ETA is 45 secs but it takes forever...