Monday, April 21, 2008

The Letter Never Sent

Waiting for the letter, waiting for it desperately, cause everything later depends on that letter. You might as well call me a letterhead! And in this case, the later the better does not apply;it better be early as its quite late already. Even the Indian Postal Service would be quicker i guess. I have even started to hate that show - the late show with David Letterman - it has 'late' and 'letter' together.
Actually, it's not the letter thats late - well it is late - but someone hasn't sent it. So the sender is late in sending a letter that is waiting to be sent - like suspended in the space-time continuum, lying on the event horizon of a black hole that's present in the sender's mind and body which is not letting him/her send the poor letter (the after effects of "Universe in a nutshell" - Stephen Hawking).
Man I'm impatient about this letter! It's like waiting for the last few mega bites of your torrent, the ETA is 45 secs but it takes forever...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

"The batch of '06-08' (rare group photo)"


Stay Or Leave...

Two years went by in a swoosh. The time was my best time spent in a college (!). Probably because engineering can really be a bitch...we'll take that up some other time.

It was really endearing to meet so many different shades of personalities. I think that's the reason why the time was so fabulous, for me at least. There is a prevailing sense among some people that the batch as a whole really didn't care about each other! I think there is no point taking THAT with you when you go away from here...I made some very good friends and I made acquaintances and I barely know some people...that's what it boils down to in the end.

I felt ,and have been feeling, quiet heavy hearted that this time was coming to an end. I've been told that I'll meet new people and other such condolences, as if that's a big secret. May be it is because all is coming to an end rather abruptly. I know it is alright to feel this way...I only want to miss what I loved and enjoyed, and nothing else.

The CRP was the crux of activities, the most awaited marathon, a roller coaster... 'Work' will take new meaning for us in a few days.

Well, if it started with an outbound, it's only proper to wish that it should have ended with an inbound!