Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I heard it through the grapewine...

I have found out something about me! Well it was me who realised it...that I love to gossip! Really! It is hilarious, devilish and so much fun...especially when it is about people who know you know something but they aren’t sure about it and you know that they probably know that you know...!

It is fun to share with your co-gossipers the details of how you unearthed or came across things that were too subtle to be noticed by the other, linear minded people! And when all these leads, yours and theirs, point towards one ‘truth’ and you are like – ‘No way man, really, how could they be doing this! I never thought he had anything for her!!!’ HA HA...that’s the point of nirvana; it IS what you thought it was!

And research (somewhere) has shown that guys gossip more than girls. We are very keenly interested in others’ lives; we just don’t show it that openly that we are. This is the probable reason why there are secret agents and intelligence operatives who usually are should possess the basic curiosity about everything around. For example, a room which is usually not bolted from within being bolted one fine day, two people finding a sack full of reasons for spending time together alone – and reasons which on their surface seem very natural, everyday explanations, but you have to do away the clouds and take a good look at the stars behind...they shine light on everything then!