Friday, May 9, 2008

Foo fighters, toothpicks etc

There is a lot of time on my hands these days. Especially when I'm up around 6 a.m.! I go jogging, no kidding!

TV is boring, the IPL is very monotonous, and though I do read books, somehow that has gone down a bit.

So, I turned to the internet. Wikipedia to be precise. I started reading there, on a variety of topics.

The state of Maine in the US is the largest exporter of blueberries and toothpicks! Isn't that interesting! I have never tasted a blueberry, but I'm sure I would like it! It's blue after all, my favorite colour. And toothpicks, ah! I had a good four years training on them! I had braces.

And the UFOs! The probable reasons given for UFOs are - clouds, lightening, commercial planes, squid boats' lights reflected on the clouds(!), Venus, Mercury, baloons, light houses etc.

There is a page on wiki which lists the UFO sightings so far around the globe.

Some of them are really dumb - especially abductions - Who would believe that a Brazilian (or was it French?) farm worker was abducted by these little aliens, and on the ship, he had sex with this fab alien blond! Sounds promising; but what if she came back and claimed child support? Do they accept Mastercard in Andromeda galaxy?

One Chinese guy even claims that after he got lucky ( in his case, the alien blond came to his bedroom!) and when they took him to the ship, he was told that in sixty years on some planet, a Chinese peasants child would be born! I mean come on! Mao in the milky way!? No way!

A few accounts seem quite genuine - those reported by air force pilots of different countries. In some cases they include the UFO's radar signature, which strengthens the assumption that there must have been something up there! Most notable is the Tehran incident of 1976 and the Caron Sink incident, 1952

These stories are an interesting read. And there are plenty of them so I'm not complaining!

P.S. - What's a foo fighter? Any guesses?