Thursday, February 5, 2009


Fear is the real denominator. It is the active force that pushes you…or freezes you. It is the liquid energy that can become hope, determination or shear power with time.

Fear is causal, always attached to something; it needs an anchor. It is felt in the chest, in the stomach, on the skin, on the tongue…everywhere. Fear belittles the ambitions, the free spirit. It cripples the presence of mind

It also forces unprecedented actions… under the pressure of fear, the rigid bonds in the mind are broken, for better or for worse…if for better, than one can soar as high as imaginable, and the fear of fear is shed exponentially with the height…but if for worse, then one becomes a black hole, sucking all the light and living in permanent cold darkness…the lights of hope are never there to break the tentacles of despair and melancholy.

Fear is the bitter pill that’s hard to swallow; it is both the pain and the cure. Fear is not the gun, but it is the hand that pulls the trigger, it is not the criminal, but the criminal intent – it is the ultimate pusher, catalyst, inflictor. It blinds the faith and wounds the soul.
Someone great said, “The only thing to fear is fearlessness”; we fear everything else but that.